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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trish's illicit visit

Read previous post for explanation of this pic- can only upload 1 photo at a time, apparently. Sort of a pain in the arse.

Since you can't eat or drink from midnight the night before a surgery, I was pretty hungry all that time in the waiting room. The only magazine I had to look at was Fine Cooking- EVERYTHING looked good. Even the pictures of canned lentil soup, which is when you know your hunger has reached epic proportions. Trinka had me pick out a recipe, and she promised to make it for me during recovery; she came over last night and made it for the 3 of us. Charity and I have been looking at a book called "Foods Cancer Hates", and Charity kept remarking to Trinka "cancer HATES this soup!" It was a good soup, with white beans, sweet potatoes, swiss chard, etc. Then lots of homemade pesto on the top.

By the way, today is Trisha's birthday!

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Br. Robert, OP said...

Heh! You said "arse"! Heh!