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Monday, March 31, 2008

Doctor email

Well, I received an email from the oncologist in Marin today in response to my question: do the doctors not recommend radiation because they don't feel it would do any good, or because they don't feel it is necessary. Her email response was: both are true. This was not a very clear answer, but what is clear is that two sepaprate radiology departments (Kaiser Santa Clara and Kaiser San Rafael) have both said that they do not recommend radiation in my case. So I will take that as the answer I was seeking, despite it being delivered in a vague or confusing manner. I really do feel like Kaiser has been great and I have confidence in their doctors, despite the occasional confusion.
I will put up a real post tomorrow- I want to be more self- disciplined and write everyday (but no commitments, don't know how I will be feeling once treatment starts).
Love, Faith

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