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Friday, March 28, 2008

Medical update

I received a voice mail from the oncologist regarding the possibility of radiation therapy. If you remember from previous posts, she was concerned because the total size of the tumor was very unclear and they did not have the clear margins upon removal; because of these things she resubmitted my case to the radiation board as a potential patient for radiation in addition to the necessity of chemotherapy. She said that the radiation board came to the decision that radiation "would not be helpful" in my case. Since it was just a voicemail message, I didn't get an opportunity to question her further as to what this means.

I have mixed feelings about this- I am very happy to not have to undergo radiation with all its potential long- term side effects. However I am unclear as to what they meant by "not helpful" ; are they also concerned about the issues she raised but just don't think that radiation would do any good, or do they mean that they feel there is sufficient evidence from the post- surgical biopsy to trust that the tumor was completely removed? I will put in an email for further clarification. In the meantime, chemotherapy is still scheduled to start Mon. April 7th.

Thank you for all your prayers, and please rest assured of my own.
Love, Faith

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