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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cycle 3, Day 2!

Feeling a bit sick today- my brain is hungry from the roids, but my stomach holds the reigns and will only allow apple sauce and chicken broth. And even that is pushing it. It's weird to be hungry and nauseous at the same time. If you've never had that experience, I don't exactly recommend it, but it's kind of weird.

Yesterday was a busy day- had chemo # 3 and a visit from my roommate! Amy asked me awhile ago if she could come with me, and of course I was thrilled! Just to talk again about the wonderful support I have in my friends and family, Amy took the day off work and came down to be with me for the session- it was great as we hadn't gotten to spend much quality time together since I started chemo. And of course my devoted mom and dad were there as well, as they always are. I even went out that morning to the sporting goods and bought a collapsible chair to bring with us, as there is always one extra chair in the infusion room and we can usually rustle up a second from somewhere, but it's often hard to find a third. So, I brought my own. It's for hunters, with a camouflage back and seat and a pouch hanging down under your butt that you can keep your ammo or knives or sunscreen in, I guess. My dad said it was pretty comfortable, and I think he felt pretty manly sitting in it. And it's always good for a laugh to watch him trying to get out of it again (I know they are not really called collapsible chairs, but in his case the title is very appropriate).

Well, as luck would have it Amy had more to offer up than I did. I felt a little under the weather after the session was over, but Amy had to leave the room twice. She kept saying she needed to use the bathroom, but her white lips upon return told another story. After her first return, she sat down and then promptly exited again. She (again) said she had to go to the bathroom, but she was walking the wrong way (to the water fountain, it ended up). She didn't want to worry anyone, but once in the hallway she flagged down a nurse and told her she was feeling faint. The nurse directed her to an empty infusion room and she was able to lie down and recover. It would have been such a bonding experience if the doctors decided she needed electrolytes and they hooked her up to an IV! They have double rooms, so we could've totally done it...total girls gone wild night out at the infusion center! But since it was seeing them put the IV in me that set her off, I guess it's a good thing that she avoided that fate. But she recovered enough and was there to pray the rosary and talk. It was great.

Brother Robert and Tara will be with me for my next chemo, and Eileen and Trish will be there for future sessions. Trinka and Charity were there with me for the last two, and mom and dad every time. Everyone has been so incredibly supportive of me through this whole thing- It's always great to have people come to the chemo sessions to pray the rosary. It's not for everyone though, because I think it makes some people feel nauseous (and then some of those people come anyway, true friends that they are.) By the way, Charity reports her eye lashes are falling out. Mine aren't even falling out yet!

And I got some good news- I thought I would have nine chemo sessions, but I only have eight which will mean that I will be finished with chemo on Mon. July 7, giving me more than a month to recuperate before school starts! I really couldn't have planned the timing better if I'd tried.

Just another sign that I'm in good hands.


hopeyg said...

Hey Papes, Can I have front row tickets to the ultimate chemo session on the 8th? Pretty please with a cherry on top and I'll even envite you to my birthday party if you let me. I'll try not to faint or do anything too embarrasing like asking other patients if they are going to finish their hospital food.

Love ya,

sheshe said...

I wish I could go to chemo with you. If you had C and I together, it would be a crazy, wild party. Of course, C would fo'show be the one nearly fainting. I'd probably make friends and invite everyone over.

I'm so proud of you. When you get well, you should come down to Southern California and visit me.


Kasia said...

Just hungry and nauseous? Not impressed. Try: STARVING, nauseous and chasing Gavin around. I'll bring him by sometime so you can try it.