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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Experiment Results

I am now able to reveal to you all the details of the recent secret experiment mentioned in previous posts; namely "Can Black Bean Brownies (from this point forward referred to as BBB) Be Introduced Successfully Into the Average Population?" Well, the results were mixed. I relied on the participation of several scientific partners in order to obtain data; Dr. Trisha Q. was under strict orders to introduce the BBB's to her discerning husband with no mention of my own name (as my reputation for culinary experimentation proceeds me). Dr Trisha is still burdened with scruples and expressed the moral concern that my brownies "would give (my subjects) gas, and they won't even know why...!" I convinced her that science must be served at all costs. I forgot to tell her that the brownies needed to be kept refrigerated or they lose their shape and by the time they got home they had turned to mush and fallen apart. So neither Trisha nor Tony were able to take part in the study itself.

Kasia and Liam M and Eva O. also took part in the study- Kasia and Eva being in on the experiment while Liam was partially blind to some of the details. In this case, I administered the brownies myself and therefore had to own up to some alterations as Liam would get suspicious (I admitted using an alternative sweetener, Agave Nectar).

Also taking part in the study was Ron G and the other members of my own household, as well as Amy and Teresa J, my roommate and her sister. My dad stated that his favorite part of the brownies was that "he would not be tempted to overeat". Liam just kept saying "I'm not a brownie person" ad nauseum, Amy and Teresa thanked me profusely for making dessert but were oddly silent on the taste. No one said they were terrible, but not many people liked them very much either. I, for my part, thought they were fine. And Katherine reported that herself and her kids liked them, but they are probably accustomed to eating healthy as well.

Bottom line for me- I'm not a bad cook and I'm afraid after my recent attempts at healthy desserts I will get that reputation. But I just hate the idea (especially post- diagnosis) of making food that has no health benefits whatsoever, like regular brownies. I should probably lighten up- "everything in moderation" and all that...

Well, back to the drawing board. No further experimental recipes are on the agenda to be released to the public anytime soon, so for now the citizens may rest secure in the knowledge that dessert will just be dessert.


hopeyg said...

Papes, That post was so funny that I went back and read it a second time for more laughs. Love you, Hoper

Br. Robert, OP said...

Are you receiving Federal Research Grant money for these experiments? Are you supported and/or supervised by an Accredited Academic Institution? Did you receive express permission from your human subjects to be experimented on? Are you publishing your results in a Reputable Research Journal?

Till I hear answers, I'll be skeptical that the experiment even happened at all.

Kathryn said...

I liked the chocolate nib cookies better, actually. My kids though really liked the brownies and asked for more bites (we shared one walking to the car from school).

hopeyg said...

Papes, I hope there will be left-overs when I get home.

Liam said...

They weren't bad. If you called them Fudge, they would have been easier to identify.

We missed you yesterday. Hope your feeling OK.


Xerofall said...

Here's an easy and somewhat-good-for-you recipe...

Two yogurt thing-ies, the kind with the foil lid. Any flavor you want.

One tub of Cool-Whip.

One pie crust.

Mix yogurt and Cool-Whip, pour into pie crust. Chill in fridge overnight, or a few hours. Serve cold.

It's THE best ever. Plus you can make any flavor you could ever want.