" I implore you, my child; observe heaven and earth, consider all that is in them, and acknowledge that God made them out of nothing (ex nihilo), and that mankind comes into being in the same way..." 2 Maccabees 7:28

Monday, April 21, 2008

*addendum to last post

Getting ready for mass this morning- ran some water through my hair with my hands and my hands came up FULL of hair... so it's exactly day 15, right on schedule. I feel like I should shave it off rather than have it falling out everywhere, but I can't quite bring myself to do it... I'm looking down now and seeing that it's all over my sweater. Gross. My doctor said I should just get it over with and shave it, because when it falls out, it's "gonna be worse than a cat..."

Maybe I can get my sister to shave crop circles on my head.


Kasia said...

Maybe just cut it a little shorter? I could do it for you. How long is this process supposed to take?

Kathryn said...

You may want to think about a short cut, more pixie-ish, above your ears. All the hair will eventually come out, but it doesn't happen all at once. Even when I shaved with a #1, there were still patches of hair on my scalp. Most younger women I've known do end up shaving because the ongoing fall-out is hard emotionally and physically (because you have to clean it up). You need to decide what you are comfortable with. In the meantime, keep your dustbuster handy!!

Br. Robert, OP said...

If/when you shave your head, I'll shave mine. Deal?

God bless and keep you. You're in my prayers every day. But you know that already.

Anonymous said...

okay I will try this one more time or give you a call. Hi, just found out you were sick. You are in my prayers and God be with you always.
Kathy former marin person now in the peninsula .

Anonymous said...

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