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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gross Post

Now I have no problems being direct about medical details, but I know it makes some people uncomfortable. In fact, my brother in law said he stopped reading my blog when I mentioned menopause. Poor fellow, his loss. And my favorite quote from my good friend Justin "you use words that I wouldn't even write!" Oh boys, really.

But if you find such details too much, you'd better stop now. Really. I mean it, go no further. Are you still reading? Okay it's your own fault.

Tomorrow I need to stick close to home, because I have to take a 24 hour urine sample. That's right-24 hours worth; part of the test kit it a big red jug that is supposed to be kept refrigerated. Now THAT is even too gross for me, and I'm not easily grossed out. So I think I'm just going to keep a cooler in the bathtub with some ice in it; surely that will suffice. I just can't bear to see my big red jug smiling at me from the refrigerator shelf it shares with the iced tea.

By the way, I received the results from the genetic testing, they were negative (as I had been told was most likely the case). SO that's good news, because it means there is no reason to believe I am at an increased risk of ovarian cancer (or no higher than anyone else who has had breast cancer).


Eileen and Vincent said...

We always had to store the samples in the fridge at work. I remember all to well the morning Sister x took the sample and ah.. er ..ah...that's right, sampled it. I mean, it did say sample on it. Can't blame an alzheimers patient. I was horrified. Good preparation for Mommy hood. BTW Faith, the 24 hour bottles seal well so your fridge is probably fine and the best place for an accurate reading.

Br. Robert, OP said...


I'm told by one of my pregnant friends that, as he/she grows, the fetus will urinate into the amniotic fluid, and then drink said amniotic fluid, then urinate it out again, then... well, you get the idea.

Good thing urine is sterile, huh?

hopeyg said...

So that's what the cooler is doing in the bathtub.

Trisha Q said...

Why in the world do you need so much pee-pee? Br. Ro baby Q. doesn't do that.