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Friday, July 24, 2009

Learn From My Mistakes

I had a bit of an adventure housesitting the other day, the end result of which was that I locked myself into the backyard and had to try to climb the fence 2 days after surgery. Here is the brief summary of my experience, as sent via email to the homeowners. They asked me, as an additional security precaution, to make sure that the little sliding stick in the back door was in place.

When you get home, ask me about my adventure going over to your house to put the stick in the back door. I won't try to explain it all now, but let it suffice to note these important points.

1. Although I have the key to the front gate, front door and all the deadbolts, I don't have the key to the locks on the knobs or the nice new padlock on the back gate.

2. My key opens the back door, but not if the stick is in.

3. THe black garbage can and your lawn chairs all either collapse or tip over under the weight of a full grown adult.

4. The green debris can can hold an adult weight, but it rolls.

5. Your sprinklers come on precisely at 7 pm. They do not give a warning.

6. You have nice neighbors.


Rabbert said...


Thank God for nice neighbors!

Anonymous said...

Wow ! What an adventure and challenge that day ! Glad that the neighbors there were nice.


The Chits said...

This story I have GOT to hear!

Trinka said...

I wonder whose house that was?

zuzamoll said...

Hi...I'm after bilateral mastectomy...take care !!