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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Overdue Easter update

Well, I know the following information is not of interest to the general public (as well as being sorely overdue) but Ill add pictures to increase marketability.
I sought help from the true Poles in my life (my Aunt BIna, my ex- roomie Kasia) this year as I was responsible for putting together a true Polish Easter meal. It was inspired by discovering, within a few blocks of my house, an authentic Polish deli where they hand- made their own sausages- you can get things there that you can't get anywhere else. I even got some types of tea and pickles that came straight from POland and had Polish writing on the jar-( how cool is THAT??)
So I was inspired to put on a true Polish Easter meal, complete with eggs dyed with vegetables rather than food coloring and a sugar lamb for the centerpiece. (Actually, those two components of the meal were the first to get axed as I couldn't find a sugar lamb anywhere and who likes eating hard- boiled eggs anyway?)
So the final menu turned out to be mushroom soup, 2 kinds of pierogi, white lielbasa (which refers to it being unsmoked) cooked in beer and then browned in butter with onions, barbecued regular kielbasa, apple and leek salad, cucumber and dill salad, and 2 types of traditional desserts; mazurek and babka cake. Trinka really saved the meal from being a total artery- clogging experience by her addition of the salads. As much as I love the Polish, I can't really say that that Polish cuisine is top of the list as far as a healthy diet goes. Here's the pictures.

Dried wild mushrooms for the mushroom soup. $72 a lb (but that's a LOT of mushrooms)
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White sausage. I know- it doesn't look so appetizing in this form.

A plethora of pork products.

The only truly healthy offerings at the Polish Easter table- Trinka's salads.

Trinx also made both desserts. She by far took all the harder assignments in this meal.


Trisha Q said...

Sounds yummy! When we were in Germany for Easter, they also had hard boiled eggs and sugar lambs for Easter dinner.

Kasia said...

Everything looks awesome! I am super-impressed!

Let's do it again next year!

You keeping the tradition alive will encourage me to do it too! If we're ever in the same state again we can join forces!

Anonymous said...

Your fresh sausage cooked in beer was fantastic! -Trinka

Anonymous said...

Dear Binkers: Meals are not just for eating pleasure, but instead become the reason to be together. the quality of the food is secondary to the companionship. Your Polish meal is a great idea, and as a beneficiary I would recomend a repeat.
Authentic Polish sausage is dryer than the commercail version, and may require different preparation.