" I implore you, my child; observe heaven and earth, consider all that is in them, and acknowledge that God made them out of nothing (ex nihilo), and that mankind comes into being in the same way..." 2 Maccabees 7:28

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My apologies...

Oh, my friends, I have been such a faithless blogger these last few months. On again, aff again. Oh, for the constancy of WIndshield Rosary, who blogs so faithfully every day. BUt not me. Life is settling into it's new normalcy, and I am reminded of how fortunate I am to have a job that means so much to me. The kids are wonderful, and I feel like the adult aides I work with were picked by God, thy are such warm, loving people. The get paid so little, but do it because they love the kids.

I am still struggling with all my usual things; like frustration at not knowing where my life is going, fear that I'm not doing enough, doubt about my cloudy future. BUt you can all understand all those things, right? I'm certainly not alone in that. I read a book "Thy WIl Be Done" and one of the letters was written just for me..."eagerness then, is a fault in you. THere is something in you which is constantly not satisfied, this is your struggle with resignation. You resign yourself well, but it's with a "but", for you would very much like to have this or that, and you agitate yourself to get it". Yup, that's me.

I trust all of you are well.
Love, Faith


Wojtek said...

Life :)

Anonymous said...

I was reading "Eat, Pray, Love" and she mentioned that it is possible to find a word which summarizes a person or a city. Perhaps your word is "eagerness" or "impatience." I think I have a similar problem. I am am never satisfied with myself. My word must be "improve." -Trinka